APRÈS QUOI FESTIVAL - Medicine + Cabinet, March 30 - May 1 2023.

Curatorial Team: Parwana Ayubi, Catherine Bradley, Madelaine Ella Daniels, Ella Gray, Farid Hjer, Rhi Hopperton, Pam Patterson, Ella Taylor, Yeokwang Yoon --

Ashlynn Doljac, 18" x 24"oils on canvas 

Situated at 113Research, one of the three sites of the APRÈS QUOI festival, Medicine + Cabinet plays with the unique form of the vitrine gallery by asking artists to reimagine the space as a medicine cabinet for post-pandemic life. In exploring ideas of collection, hybridity, messiness, reconstruction, organic and inorganic forms, Medicine + Cabinet considers the changing patterns of care in the wake of major social and environmental change and aims to create a space of care and comfort.  

The exhibiting artists depict community-centered healing, reflect on their personal practices of care, and imagine how these notions of healing and care can be extended to the environment around us and to our more-than-human kin. 

Curators viewed submissions though a sustainability lens, being particularly attentive to artists who used recycled, repurposed, and biodegradable materials. Together, the artworks of Medicine + Cabinet demonstrate how we might find refuge within a post COVID-19 space as they reimagine ways of forging human and non-human connections. 

To Be With, OCADU Lobby, 100 McCaul Street (March 30 - April 5)

“AS IS”, ODESI Gallery, 100 McCaul Street, 3rd Floor, Room 316 (March 30 - Sept 15) “AS IS” Exhibition | OCAD University

Medicine + Cabinet, 113 McCaul Street, 5th floor (March 30 - May 1)

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