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OPENING OCT. 24, 2023 CATHERINE HEARD'S MAKING -- Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis !

  Catherine Heard’s exhibition  Making  ––  Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis   employs the creative form of the graphic novel to reflect on the five-year process of creating a community-based textile installation.  Her narrative emphasizes subjectivity, revealing the complexities, uncertainties, and anxieties of producing a work of art.  The installation, which is on view at the Niagara Artist Centre in Fall 2023, camouflages scenes of war, injustice, and resistance in a patchwork of antique redwork embroideries.  The complex work integrates embroidery patterns depicting WWI, WW2, The Vietnam War, The War on Terror, Black Lives Matter, and the current war in Ukraine. FREE ONSITE WORKSHOP & ARTIST TALK on Oct 25, OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street, 3rd Floor, Room 316, 12 - 3 PM. All supplies provided and all are welcome!