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Opening March 1, 2024 Vincent Depoivre's Boy Toys

 Vincent Depoivre, Boy Toys, opening March 1 2024 in the vitrine and lounge galley spaces until April 30. In Boy Toys , Vincent Depoivre reflects on masculine tropes using the form of children's toys. These LEGO pieces feature rounded edges, lack defining characteristics, and are made of plastic—there is nothing inherently sexual about them. Choosing these figures to act as signifiers of what we perceive as making the masculine form sexual challenges the viewer to reconsider their own perceptions of sexuality. Vincent Depoivre is a French artist and designer, and Director of Maison Depoivre Art Gallery in Prince Edward County. Image:  VINCENT DEPOIVRE ,  Am i a Unicorn?, 2021,  Aluminum dibond print, ( 40” x 52” x 1″)