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Port to Port - Alisa Oleva - Opening March 9, 2022

Alisa Oleva Port-to-Port , a project commissioned by Pier Projects focused in Felixstowe UK, presented a series of public art events inspired by walking in real-time and online. Multidisciplinary artist, Alisa Oleva was selected by a panel of residents and the resulting work included contributions by residents and others worldwide. To start, Alisa invited Felixstowe residents to describe local places that resonated with or held special memories for them. A map of personal landmarks was created that then shaped Alisa’s thinking and process. Inspired by the internationalism and dynamism of Felixstowe, as port, each of the descriptive writings collected locally was sent to someone living in a different port town. This person was invited to respond. This signaled a call for action that sparked a relay of transmitted memories and shaped an interconnected web among people living near and far. There were 25 exchanges across all corners of the globe, many of these featured “walks through sound