Opening May 01 -- We Perform, To Perform


In Vitrine, Annex Lounge, and Video Galleries work by  Sissie He, Jordan King, Billie MacFarland, Rae Sigrist and Kiley Brennan.  

In To Perform, We Perform we draw our curatorial premise from Judith Butler's 1988 text Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory. Butler here offers insight into how one might "trouble gender". This exhibit poses the promise of how potential performative deviations – relating to gender and elsewhere - however slight, could affect social and cultural change.  We invited artists to consider how the (re)performance of transgressions - in a range of mediums - might have an impact on affecting new perceptions of (dis)ability, materiality, gender, sustainability, and even survival.

 Photograph: Ephemeral Pops by Sissy He.


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