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113Research presents three exhibits/projects per academic year. Our fall is open themed often highlighting work by a researcher/creator from the larger academic/art communities, winter is focused on pedagogy, and graduate and undergraduate students in the Project Working Team develop a project and curate an exhibit in the spring. We invite work from students, staff, faculty, and guests. Socially engaged projects are especially welcomed. Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Project Director and the Project Working Team in consultation with the Advisory Committee.

2022-2023 Advisory Committee Members: Ana Serrano, Stephen Foster, Lillian Allen, Natalie Waldburger, Dot Tuer, Adrienne Reynolds, Travis Freeman & Shazia Hussain.

2022-2023 Working Team Members: Pam Patterson, Ella Taylor, Vicky Talwar, Siheng Wang, Victoria Siskopoulos, Lauchlin MacQuarrie, and Raha Alipourfard.

The space is comprised of four glass-covered shallow cabinets on the 5th floor of 113 McCaul Street, at OCAD University. We do not have video or audio capabilities so we recommend that work be two-dimensional or, if you wish to share video or sound, that you make use of online platforms such as YouTube and QR codes. Other work can be shared on this website. A didactic is provided beside and to the left of the cabinets for each exhibit. Exhibits are on display for about three months. We invite winter term pedagogical projects to consider presenting for the FCDC Teaching Expo, and, if applicable, spring/summer research projects may be shared with the OCAD Summer Institute. 

We do not have the funds to provide artist fees but recommend and will support applications for OAC Exhibition Assistance Grants for those applying from Ontario. Please investigate funding sources from your home communities. We do provide gallery install assistance, cover the design, printing and installation costs of didactics, and list exhibit information on the gallery/project blog and through the OCAD website. The Project Working Team may work with you to provide corollary project outreach events depending on the yearly make up of the team and their interests and availability. All of us are volunteers. 

Project Space:

The gallery is comprised of four window box spaces. Each visible window space is 47" wide X 58.5" high. We recommend individual "didactics" for within the windows be 39.5" wide X 19.5 " high. The depth from the back wall to the window is about 5".

The external exhibition didactic usually measures at 36" wide to 38" high, up to a maximum of 78" high. It is stapled to the wall to the left of the windows.

For an image of a gallery installation see Projects 2020

Information & Submissions:

For further inquiries please email:

Exhibition/Project Proposals (one-page research/project proposal, brief bio(s), max five images) to: Project Director, Pam Patterson

113Research is sponsored by Faculty of Art & Office of Research & Innovation, OCADU.

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